High-tech Innovation: Where is the motivation?

High-tech Innovation: Where is the motivation?

by Dr. Rokon Zaman

Despite many news worthy innovations, one of the major concerns is growing threat of job loss. Rapid progress of ‪computing ‪technology has made it easier to innovate ‪Robotic and ‪AI based solutions, mostly targeted to kill ‪jobs. But, we need to intensify our focus on those types of innovations which are going to create new jobs out of very low cost, powerful computing power.

In the arena of development progress with technology and innovation, so far we have been doing somewhat ok job in innovating--‪killing ‪jobs. But the huge threat of massive job loss causing imbalance in social and economic equilibrium is about to chase us to ‪motive for serious innovations--create huge number of jobs out of ‪technology progression.

‪Innovators‪ are creative minds with patience and dedication. Pursuing innovation to maximise profit by just killing jobs doesn't appear to be smart usage of those capabilities. It's time of changing focus of making profit through innovation, by creating more jobs than killing.

There are many examples of innovation, which support job creation and profit making simultaneously. With the help of ‪Telepresence wheel chair a remote caregiver assists ‪elderly for having mobility in crowded or difficult terrain. Such innovation offers comfort to user and create job for remote caregiver--and also opens opportunity of profitable revenue for ‪innovators.

So far our approach of thinking of ‪technology progression and ‪innovation to make more profit ended up in killing ‪jobs. Such route of thinking is not going take us to destination of creating more jobs out of innovation. We must change the direction of our thoughts to innovate.

Rat race of innovation for earning more profit by making more people unemployed should come to an end. The race of innovation for creating more jobs for every one, out of technology progress, to create more wealth out of depleting resources should start now--READY To BEGIN?

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