• Ural EMS

    URAL EMS is a convenient and simple emergency medical service platform. It is a location-based service that makes hiring an on-demand ambulance easy from mobile or desktop. With the tap of a button on smartphone device, hire an ambulance during emergency to pick up your critically ill patient and take him or her to the desired hospitals or clinics. URAL Read more

  • Ural

    Ural is an enabler solution for today’s share economy business remodeling. The fundamental principle of such solution is to enable aggregation on demand from customers online. Then it finds a list of appropriate service providers to each demand by the use of embedded business logic. It dispatches the request to each service providers to opt them to accept the service Read more

  • Cholachol TMS

    Using Woadec's Team Management Solution(TMS), Cholachol TMS,  you can take solid control of your field team. This solution caters to a basic need. A manager wants to know where his teammates are. What is the progress of work? A traveler wants to locate her co-travelers lost in a market place. Cholachol caters to all such needs with reliability and precision. Read more

  • Cholachol FnF

    Protect your friends and family when they are far. Get instant notification when they arrive home or reach destination. As a traveler, locate your co-traveler lost in a market place. Get panic calls and instant location in case of emergency. Please feel free to utilize this great solution to protect your family and friends! NB: Cholachol (চলাচল) is a Bengali Read more

  • QLog VMS

    QLog is a Visitor Management System (VMS). This is a tablet device based visitor logger for small to medium offices extendable to large corporates. If your office receives many visitors every day, then you must get this solution. Why? Think about how you register them. Your receptionist requests a visitor to write entry log. Such as visitor’s name, phone number, Read more

  • Cholachol FMS

    Using Woadec's Fleet Management Solution(FMS), Cholachol FMS,  you can take solid control of your fleet. This solution caters to a basic need. You want to know where your vehicles are at. What is the progress of work? All the trucks are on schedule and everything is going smooth? Your customers want to know where-about of their servicemen.  Cholachol FMS caters Read more