Cholachol FMS

Using Woadec's Fleet Management Solution(FMS), Cholachol FMS,  you can take solid control of your fleet. This solution caters to a basic need. You want to know where your vehicles are at. What is the progress of work? All the trucks are on schedule and everything is going smooth? Your customers want to know where-about of their servicemen.  Cholachol FMS caters to all such needs with reliability and precision.

This is a reliable service with guarantee of quality to locate and track  your fleet. It is highly optimized to save data, device battery and time.   To start using it, log on You can open this URL from any standard browser. However, a mobile browser will offer the best experience. Visit this site and sign up using your mobile number. Its free to track 3. After confirmation by a text message you can log in and add your fleet to secure and start monitoring immediately.

1. Super economic on monthly data usage.
2. Saves battery: app runs 24/7 with negligible battery.
3. Panic button. Press power button frequently to send panic message and location.
4. Integration to Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS).
5. Extension to additional IoT sensors to collect data from vehicle and service person.

Please feel free and enjoy efficiency to your fleet!

Visit Cholachol site

NB: Cholachol (চলাচল) is a Bengali word meaning (n.) movement, traffic, operation, traveling, passage, stir

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