Cholachol TMS

Using Woadec's Team Management Solution(TMS), Cholachol TMS,  you can take solid control of your field team. This solution caters to a basic need. A manager wants to know where his teammates are. What is the progress of work? A traveler wants to locate her co-travelers lost in a market place. Cholachol caters to all such needs with reliability and precision.

Cholachol provides a cheap paid service with guarantees of quality to locate and track the ones you love and care. All of the Cholachol services are highly optimized to save data, battery and time.

1. Cheap on monthly data package from any mobile operators.
2. Saves battery: app runs 24/7 with negligible battery.
3. Panic button. Press power button frequently to send panic message and location.
4. Instant notification of any hazard to friend and family.
5. Instantly share a photo parents/friends/family.
6. Quick share a photo to Facebook.

This app works in complement with a web service available at You can open this URL from any standard browser. However, a mobile browser will offer the best experience. Visit this site and sign up using your mobile number. Its free and secured. After confirmation by a text message you can log in and add as many team members you want to manage. A small charge applies for location history and report services.

Please feel free and enjoy efficiency to manage team!

Visit Cholachol site

To download mobile app visit Google Play

NB: Cholachol (চলাচল) is a Bengali word meaning (n.) movement, traffic, operation, traveling, passage, stir

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