Ural is an enabler solution for today’s share economy business remodeling. The fundamental principle of such solution is to enable aggregation on demand from customers online. Then it finds a list of appropriate service providers to each demand by the use of embedded business logic. It dispatches the request to each service providers to opt them to accept the service request. When service provider accepts a service request the detailed service request goes to him. The system starts tracking the service provider and the quality of service and other service metric as per the business logic. The service may be online or offline. It may be geographically and time-wise distributed. Finally,  this system summarizes the rendered service, bills the customer and pays the service provider. This is the generalized shared economy business model that this system supports.  In addition it bundles some customer engagement tools for customer relationship management i.e., complaint system, coupon system, payment system, loyalty program and so on. Its central dash board houses live tracking, history, scheduling summary and financial reporting all in single place real-time.

These days, businesses are taking on new drive to raise their profit margin by adopting this business model. This model enables business to scale up exponentially with linear and controlled increase of cost for scale up. The initial investment for such system pays off within 1 year of the system implementation.

Businesses serving thousands of concurrent requests benefit profusely from this system. They generally employ field service personnel.  Business ranging from transportation to health care all can deploy this solution and benefit.

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