QLog is a Visitor Management System (VMS). This is a tablet device based visitor logger for small to medium offices extendable to large corporates. If your office receives many visitors every day, then you must get this solution. Why? Think about how you register them. Your receptionist requests a visitor to write entry log. Such as visitor’s name, phone number, address, visiting purpose, who they want to visit, signature. Then she hands out a card and calls somebody inside your office to welcome the visitor. Most likely, this entire process is paper based. It requires mundane way of writing and calling the contact persons. Often it generates unwanted delay and produces frustration to the visitors. QLog solves all such problems in a smart and economical way. It verifies visitors’ mobile number, takes name, photo, address and auto notifies officer by SMS. Receptionist can assign and return visitor cards in a split second by quick scan. In addition, QLog offers a range of customization options to its appearance. Set it up according to your organization’s brand guideline. Set up your logo and color choice. Set a welcome message. Customize it as your like. All in just a few taps. Allow your visitors self-check in and reduce wait time by over 40%. View IN/OUT time in a snap.

Each tablet device is GSM SIM enabled and must have a SIM from available mobile operators duly installed subscribed. It must connect to the Internet by 3G or by Wi-Fi network.  SIM should have proper subscription to be able to send SMS. The system keeps a local copy of all entry and exit. On a subscribed version it generates a replica of the all this info on the secured cloud for official reporting, relationship and communication purposes.
QLog works on Stand-alone tablet device and the best way to replace paper based old system. It immediately enhances ambiance of your reception lobby to an elegant sophistication. This is the fastest and cheapest way to impress your next visitor.

So hurry up! Buy today! Email: sales@cholachol.net or call at +8801755605053

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